“… Aviv performed concert of rare quality… Let’s hope the quartet will visit our concert halls and maybe one day record their complete quartets of Shostakovich…”

Bertrand Bolognesi, “ANACLASE” (Shostakovich cycle in Verbier)

“The Aviv String Quartet brought an incredible precision for detail and a deeply moving interpretation both to death and to the young, fragile maiden…”

Nathalie Vinzent, Drehpunktkultur (Concert in Mozarteum Salzburg)

“…I shall content myself with saying that on this occasion I found virtually nothing to fault in the Aviv’s playing this challenging program”

Tully Porter, STRAD Magazine (Concert in Wigmore Hall)

“…the Avivs maintaining their peak form, leaving little for the critic to say. One admired the collective tone, and the individual contributions of each and every player, neither reticent nor seeking soloistic domination within the ensemble…”

P. G. Woolf, Musical Pointers

What colours those four develop from a score which contains only the absolutely necessary, which refuses itself to any opulence. How precise (and well-balanced) they deploy these colours in order to emotionalise the pure, most articulately depicted structure. With what secure sense of style do they seek the drama behind the notes. In what a fantastic manner do they let the musical time flow through all of them in their collective. And how perfectly do they intonate…”

Alfred Zimmelin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Concert in Zurich Tonhalle)

“In one listening the players practically became Shostakovich specialists…”

Edward Bhesania, STRAD Magazine (Shostakovich Centenary in London)

"... the Aviv's tightly honed ensemble made itself felt in its no-fail interaction and sense of continuity..."

Cecilia Porter, The Washington Post

“On the strength of their performance of the Ninth Quartet on Saturday, they should be snapped up by any company eager to add a new Shostakovich cycle to the catalogue…”

Hillary Finch, London Times

"Aviv String Quartet is rapidly emerging as one of today's finest chamber ensembles. Rich, warm and distinctive in sound, their playing combining technical exactitude with instinctive emotional intensity..."

Tim Ashley, The Guardian

"The Aviv Quartet's high standards were everywhere apparent in its appearance Wednesday evening at Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater"

Ronald Broun, The Washington Post